Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Book news: Alien Bride is released today!

Alien Bride (Sex, Drugs, and Biopunk #1) is live and for sale on Amazon!

I had the honor of being interviewed on Alex Westhaven's Blog today, about why I write biopunk and why it scares the pants off me... just in time for Halloween. (Yes, needles send me packing faster than a man with a chainsaw and hockey mask.)

For those of you that have read Kain, Alien Bride is the first in a sister series of books. None of the characters overlap, but both series occupy the same world at the same time. The villainry in Alien Bride offers some more insight about the shadowy forces that manipulate the Empire Daitya, and explores the Empire's motives for world domination from a new level--thirteen levels underground, to be precise.

Sex, Drugs, and Cyberpunk #2 is scheduled for April? 2014; this book introduces a new villain in Lukian's story arc, and is a face-breaking dystopian set in the slums of Daitya. (*writing Alien Bride gave me a chance to cool off after all the martial arts before writing another really sweaty book again.)

Sex, Drugs, and Biopunk #2, scheduled vaguely for Halloween next year, advances the villain's story arc, and takes place in a Techthonic Innovations outpost in Daitya. Commissioned by the military, a well-meaning scientist thinks he will do humanity a world of good when he develops a technology to bring the freshly-dead back to life...

In case you were wondering, beyond that, I have a boatload of full-length novels lined up for Lukian's story. I have to separately introduce three villains before Lukian's return as a main character; I have two adventures planned starring Lukian; an adventure planned starring Naoko; Sven's backstory; what happened to Burnaby Rue; and one of Lukian's adventures is so epic, it might be a trilogy. So there is much, much, much more to come.

If I can ever sell enough books to quit even one of my day jobs (I have two, bleck!) the stories will come faster. Realistically, at this point in time, I can commit to two quality novels per year. So that's a little bit about what you can expect from me, and where all these crazy books are going. :)

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