Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! This is a pen where my most demented thoughts may run free and graze upon the fourth dimensional cyber grasses--thoughts about anything that strikes my fancy, like music, literature, video games, cats, neuroscience, conspiracies, angels, aliens, yoga, sexy books, the end of the world, memes that make me laugh until I cry, and other mysterious things. 

Life has been busy, but in the very near future I plan to get some interesting vlogs rolling. I have some interesting guests in the works, other authors, bloggers, and rants from other interesting people that are too cool not to share, so please stay tuned for your education, entertainment, and mind-massage.

Finally, I'd love to hear from you. Sincerely.

The truth is, I procrastinated starting a blog when I released my first book because, as an introvert, I was scared to come out of the closet as myself. Well, I'm out now, and there is no turning back, so grab a life jacket, a barf bucket, a diaper or some Thorazine, because there's a strong possibility you might need it.

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