Friday, January 3, 2014

Sex & Drugs Series Chronology Chart

Hello friends!

It's been so long since I've blogged! My first six weeks of silence were spent drooling on myself in a concussion (good times... not), and after that, I went balls to the wall writing the next book. Little time for reading, little time for blogging... and a guilty bit of time for gaming, which I'll hopefully blog about soon.

But LOTS of writing! I can't wait to get back to Lukian. The only problem is, I can't write about him until I finish writing about the gnarly trifecta of villains that may chase him across an entire trilogy when he finally receives a contract for work from Rudra Nanotechnology. And that's still not the end of stories for him...

To hopefully make more sense to everyone, I made this handy little chart:

I will continue to update the chart as books are released. It will move both forward and backward in time, and become profoundly interesting.

If a character isn't listed, I have no plans for him/her to recur... yet. There will be at least twelve books in the series (8 for SD&C, 4 for SD&B). All twelve books are set in the same world, same map, same politics, but only the characters from SD&C will keep bumping into each other (likewise for SD&B), but Lukian will never meet Echidna. The segregation has something to do with the fact I've boxed in all the weirder theological/paranormal/extradimensional stuff into the biopunk books, so if your tastes are more for the face-breaking, straight-forward, hard (though I like a special kind of hard....) sci-fi, you can get it all in SD&C without it impinging on your suspension of disbelief.

But if you like to ride even further down the rabbit hole, have some aliens and a melting face, the biopunk books are an awesome addendum to an already screwed-up world (hey, truth is stranger than fiction).

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but on the subject of series organization, all the books are written to be read alone, and in any order, but I created this chart for your reference. :) You can read the books chronologically, you can pick out all the books featuring Mr. House first... totally up to you.

But the least I could do is make you a map!

And more books, so I'm signing off the blog to go write again.

I'll do a read-aloud of Psychedelic Riot Helmet (rough draft) in the next couple of days and share it here.

Thanks for tuning in!

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